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Workout with Results - Workouts With ResultsClick Image To Visit SiteAfter university I was off to the work force which took me to small town in Saskatchewan.  I didn’t know anyone and spent a lot of time walking, biking and doing exercises in my small apartment.  I did body weight exercises and with the combined light cardio and healthy eating started to drop the weight from my university years.

At my workplace they initiated a wellness program that incorporated some challenges.  One challenge was a staff challenge where each staff member had to contribute up to sixty minutes per day of physical activity and all of the minutes were added up for the course of three weeks.  We then compared numbers with other work places who were part of the challenge and our workplace won.  Winning didn’t matter although I am quite competitive.  It was the team aspect and contributing to the team.  All the minutes were recorded in the staff room for all to see and there was no way I was not contributing my sixty minutes per day.  Those three weeks were the kick start to a new me.

I then joined a women’s soccer team in a neighbouring small city for a social outing.  We were always short players which often meant no subs and playing ninety minutes straight.  It was fun as it was a new experience for me having never played soccer before.  After two months of playing I made a trip to my parents to visit.  My dad commented that my pants were going to fall off and it was then I realized that I had toned and reshaped my lower body from all of the soccer.  Obviously I was never one to spend a lot of time on the scale or measuring- I hadn’t even noticed.

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