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Kimberly Snyder LP2Click Image To Visit SiteYou may know me as the health, nutrition, & natural beauty coach you’ve seen on: David Letterman, the Today Show, or in People Magazine. What I am going to share with you is:

A lot of these personal trainers you see at the gym are what we call “natural beauties” who barely work out and eat whatever they want. That’s not me! I have to walk my talk because I have no choice.

I wasn’t just fat… the rest of my looks were suffering too… Acne always on my face… and people could tell that I was always hiding something under my makeup. I was embarrassed to go out and worried what a man would think about me without my makeup on… Plus I looked almost ten years older than I was. I even quit working out because I had no energy to get myself to the gym… which just made things worse. It was really depressing… This is why if you’re doing anything right now to improve your health, whether it’s running outside or even watching what you eat, I am very impressed with you already because you’re way ahead of where I was!

At other points in my life, I suffered from brittle hair… depression, and mood swings. Something had to change.

I tried every diet and workout plan under the sun with frustrating results… Either my weight would bounce up and down with no lasting change… Or I would lose weight but feel so sick, deprived, and miserable that I just had to go back to my “regular foods”…

It was a long road, but in the end, it was worth it, because I found the way to get my health back and better than it ever was before… I found out… Read more…

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