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“WHAT THE HECK…,” I naively thought to myself. “This will be fun and maybe I’ll lose a few pounds…”

I had never entered a body transformation contest before, and had no fantasies of achieving “amazing” results.

Fifty-something, out of shape, “squishy” and tired, my body was getting in the way of my fun. I had gained weight over the past few years (again), had an almost-constant backache and was just plain “feeling old”.

You may have felt this way too, like every year just meant a few more pounds and a few more aches…​

In my experience, losing weight meant obsessing over my diet, eating close to nothing of substance, and punishing myself with hours and hours of exercise.

The prospect of that had zero appeal to me. I had always hated being hungry and had no time for long exercise sessions.

I didn’t know I was about to learn the most up-to-date tactics on how to lose fat and shape a toned, feminine physique…

…and they required eating plenty of delicious food, I didn’t need a gym membership and it only took 30 minutes per day!

These days I’m fit and lean, but it wasn’t always this way. In fact, I’ve gone up and down in weight many times…

Out in the real world, you’ll know how to keep your slim, new figure so yo-yo dieting will be a thing of the past.

That so-called plumpness was tremendously painful. I knew my extra weight was anything but "pleasant".

The summer between my freshman and sophomore years… Read more…

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