Delta Strength – Shredded Program

Delta Strength - Shredded ProgramClick Image To Visit SiteTo be successful you need a partner and a customized plan based on your goals. Our programs take you through systematic periodization to eliminate plateaus for consistent growth. The Delta Strength Training Program is your personal trainer AND nutritionalist for $1.33 a DAY. 

The best part – there’s no guessing. You get a customized workout plan with calculated weights that you can use over and over. In addition, you get a complete and easy to follow carb cycle nutrition plan that details what to eat, when are the best times to eat and more. (** see bonus section for unheard of bonuses)

WAIT – Did I tell you there is ZERO cardio in this plan? This isn’t a program where you do cardio until you look emaciated. 

However, time after time, I’ve seen people lose 6-10 pounds of body fat and up to 3 inches off your waist your very first month of following this program.

One thing I can guarantee is if you follow the carb cycle diet and the workouts in the Shredded Savage Program, you WILL see immense changes. Muscles with grow and get harder, fat will fall off, and people will notice.

This is the leanest of the Delta Strength Training programs, where you’ll strip away nearly all the body fat giving you more muscular definition than ever with a totally shredded look. It’s common to get below 10% body fat using this program.

Note: a lot of people start with the shredding program to build a lean, hard physique, then transition into our Spartan Strength Program to build more muscle. It all depends on your goals and where you’re starting from.

Beyond that, we have a second BOLD guarantee and it’s dead simple. Once you commit to these workouts and have integrated them… Read more…

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