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You’re in the gym, and you’ve just finished your sets on the bench. You’re about to take the weights off the rack, when a girl half your size asks to use the bench.

You say "Sure let me just take some of the weights off". With a smirk she replies, "No no you can leave them on there, and actually can you add another quarter plate?"

And I’m willing to bet that if this has happened to you, or if you can think of a similar situation at the gym – that you’re not happy with your bench press.

Let’s face some facts. You are a hardgainer. What this means is that genetically you struggle to add muscle tissue. You have a faster metabolism, and a leaner frame. It’s harder for you to build muscle, there are no two ways about it.

And let me tell you, if you want to build an impressive, athletic physique, a big bench press is the number one thing you should be worried about! Not to mention the first thing anyone asks you when you say you lift is "How much do you bench?".

I’m going to hit you with a fact – if you’ve been lifting for a year or over and can’t bench at least 225lb, or if you’ve stalled in your progress over the last month or so, you’re doing one of three things wrong. Probably all of them.

I’m going to hit you with another fact – If you want to put on rock hard muscle so you can feel at home amongst your gym’s elite – you need to know this.

Muscle size is directly proportional to muscle strength. This isn’t rocket science… Read more…

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