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Balance Exercises - Senior Balance TrainingClick Image To Visit Site"I recommend these exercises to all who want to improve their balance. Simply put, they allow me to do so much more, and I feel better." -Joe M., 73

"Hi Mike. I just wanted to let you know that we really enjoyed reading The Balance Manual. It’s fantastic and I am looking forward to diving more into it. Thanks for creating such a beneficial resource. I will definitely be recommending this book." -Sandra Sieber, Senior Fitness Trainer

"The exercises have helped me with both balance and strength. I use them every week, and afterwards I always feel refreshed and stronger."

"Mike, I am 86 years old and have had to give up golf this year because of my physical weakness and lack of good balance. I really had trouble hitting out of a sand trap! I searched the internet in vain until I found an article explaining your Manual, and I decided to look into what you had to offer. I have started reading and using your Balance Manual and it is exactly what I need to help maintain and improve my balance. Your manual is truly a gift to us older folks who need to keep going." -Ken Elson, Grand Island, Nebraska

"Mike, thanks for developing this program. I am usually skeptical about ordering fitness stuff online, but I downloaded the book and was pleasantly surprised at how good and thorough it was. Looking forward to using your ideas and exercises in a new balance class I’m teaching. You are right, as we age, balance is absolutely essential for our well-being."

You can work with me on a one-on-one basis if you live in suburban Chicago. It usually takes about three hours total for me to teach someone my system of exercises. I charge $80… Read more…

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